Strategic Innovation

A client’s solar installation from above

Planning for strategic innovation is critical, time-consuming, and often benefits from an outside perspective. Sometimes the “planning” just means getting out of the way so new ideas can form. Our strategic innovation consulting is offered in two primary areas:

Corporate Strategy

  • Business Planning: Creating and implementing realistic business plans that provide both the structure and the whitespace needed for strategic innovation
  • Options Evaluation: Developing and implementing a process for evaluating opportunities, triaging all incoming opportunities
  • Corporate strategy & planning: Identifying major assets and capabilities, allowing strategic innovation to “bubble up” from the team
  • Sales and Marketing planning process: Preparation, planning, facilitating, and planning event management including post-meeting follow-up
  • Pre-Merger Diligence: Assessment of sales and marketing team, process, and product-market fit
  • Post-Merger Integration: Sales & marketing process and team integration, to ensure a smooth transition and goodwill from clients, not corporate write downs.

Sales & Marketing Strategy

  • New Market entry: Assessment, planning and implementation of business from new geographies, territories, product lines, and delivery capabilities, researching opportunities and selecting the most appropriate to be developed
  • Annual Planning: Setting sales and marketing goals, strategies, tactics & metrics, by time period and long-term. Strategic innovation doesn’t only happen in the corporate realm, and successful annual planning processes allow innovation to occur throughout the organization
  • Change Process Management: Definition, mapping and visualisation, implementation, assessment and revision
  • Business Development: Developing relationships with external partners and potential partners

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