Sales Growth

A client’s solar installation – from great execution strategy

Sales growth is the lifeline of any business – after all, “nothing happens until somebody sells something.”

Our services are designed to be practical, hands-on, and deliver immediate impact along with lasting results. Our approach includes not only an audit and interpersonal styles assessment, but also ongoing engagement, 1:1 and group coaching designed to reinforce learning.

Our sales growth consulting practice includes sales strategy, execution, and review:


Sales Strategy

  • Interim Sales Management: Interim VP Sales, CEO coaching and sales management, definition of needs and assessment of methods to achieve sales growth goals
  • Go-to-Market Strategy: Creation of an actionable business strategy that communicates tactical market priorities to each sales resource – whether direct (inside sales, outside sales, and all other types) or channel partners
  • Strategic Sales Management: Alignment and realignment of sales, marketing, and operational support services
  • Compensation Planning: Forecasting, budgeting, goal-setting and alignment, plan definition, implementation and management


  • Hiring, Onboarding, and Team Integration: Ensuring new additions to the marketing and sales team ride a fast ramp to revenue and deliver on the expected sales growth
  • Team Management: Needs definition (skills/knowledge/abilities), recruiting, onboarding, coaching, performance management, team alignment
  • Sales Training: Individual coaching, interpersonal styles, role-playing, ride-alongs, follow-up training
  • Account Management: Process initiating, plan development, executing, tracking, monitoring, controlling, revision and redirection

Reporting & review

  • Forecasting: Tracking, metrics, and CRM database definition – support to determine what needs to be tracked, and what matters for sales growth
  • Funnel Creation & Management: Critical review points, metrics, review meeting-management and outcome next-steps
  • Installed base and customer service management: Full lifecycle sales process assessment, implementation and improvement – for existing installed base and new customers, from first-touch to installed base management
  • Sales Process Review: Audits, refinement and change management

Need a service you don’t see above? Check out our Marketing Effectiveness and Strategic Innovation services. We also have a strong network of experts in related fields such as professional coaching, accounting, project management & delivery, and others who we would be happy to introduce you to – contact us to learn more.