Marketing Effectiveness

Great products and service are easy and profitable to sell, when they’re well defined and communicated clearly. Our marketing effectiveness practice supports clients with both the tactical content as well as the strategic vision necessary for success.

Pre-Sales Marketing

  • MRD & PRD: Market Requirements Document & Product Requirements Document definition, refinement, and alignment within firm, industry, and market context
  • Pricing Strategy: Individual/volume, product/service, up-front costs, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) / LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy), financing and cost modeling
  • Marketing Documents: Verbal and written communications, reports and presentations, including determination of need, content creation, review and revision to meet needs of various sales channels
  • Web, Social Media, and Blog: Strategy, verbiage, and setup
  • Brand: Development, visioning, planning and execution, rebranding after corporate transactions

Marketing Effectiveness

  • Lead Management Process: Lead generation, and converting marketing activities into Sales Qualified Leads with measurable, closed loop processes
  • Channel Definition: Channel partner program creation, management, assessment & adjustment
  • Call Center Management:  Start-up, technology design and selection, check-up, staffing, training development and delivery, scripting design, performance management, operation assessment, quality monitoring and evaluation, and outsourcing
  • Sales Support: Alignment and agreement on roles & responsibilities, handoffs between marketing lead generation and sales execution – all key for marketing effectiveness
  • Feedback Integration: When sales channels come back to the firm with customer feedback, proper integration and adjustment increases profits, competitiveness, and ultimately, marketing effectiveness success.

Need a service you don’t see above? Check out our Sales Growth and Strategic Innovation practices. We also have a strong network of experts in related fields such as public relations, design, event management, CRM implementation, compliance, project management, and others who we would be happy to introduce you to – contact us to learn more.