Every client engagement and firm is different. Yet there are some basics that great sales teams have in “muscle memory” to support their continued success. Simply introducing those skills is unlikely to yield lasting results, so we recommend an approach that has worked time and time again.

How are things done today? Who’s being served? Who isn’t?

In the firm? The industry? How is the firm integrating new market information into the way things are done?

How is the firm capturing new business, as defined by market segments, team resource alignment, and clients? Fending off competition? Incorporating new innovations?
Understanding the answers to these questions is important to our clients – and our involvement usually helps uncover the answers.

Who’s winning, and why? What do the top firms do well?

This is an introduction and training on the people, processes, and product-market fits that successful firms and teams in the industry have demonstrated. We help codify their success into best practices that our clients can learn from.

While it’s tempting to introduce an entirely new framework, it is also unlikely that such an approach would achieve success, because the firm’s context must be considered.

How can we increase our success like the best do it, here?

What teams outside of sales, or marketing, or strategy need to be consulted – engineering, operations, finance, or all of the above? Who’s accountable within the firm, and who cares? What tweaks and changes need to be made, to align the success we want within our culture?

Perhaps the most critical step (and the one most often overlooked), proper integration of new best practices is key to ongoing success.

What needs to happen to keep this newfound success going?

New processes have been introduced and new skills mastered. Yet experts have shown that it takes at least three weeks of consistent practice to break a bad habit, or to form a new habit – so are the new habits being practiced? What tools can we use to continue the positive momentum as we enter into a new week, month, and quarter?

Integration is often where small adjustments in implementation make the best practices a part of a company’s culture, and ultimately, it’s success.