About Us

A client’s solar installation from underneath

Execution Strategy is a management consulting firm providing sales, marketing and strategy support for cleantech and renewable energy clients. Our team brings extensive experience and successful execution strategy for clients ranging from first-revenue startups to Fortune 100 giants.

Success in administration obviously stands or falls on skills in execution. Execution means, above all, the right people – it means having men and women capable of providing the information and carrying out the decision. – Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.

Our Mission

We help clients to achieve groundbreaking sales, through improvement in their people, process, and product-market fit.  There is nothing more exciting than helping a firm whose mission we believe in, achieve greatness.

Our Values


We produce results – significant impact in the execution strategy for the clients we engage.

Creativity in problem-solving

Because we’ve been there, we know how hard it is to solve the problems our clients face. We engage our clients and collaboratively create meaningful resolutions to the toughest sales, marketing, and strategy challenges they face.

Clear and direct communication

We speak clearly and concisely. We could be tenured professors in charm-school, but we’re also not afraid to provide critical feedback when needed.

Thought leadership

We are masters of our practice, and want to share this with our clients and the world.

Care for team

We do more than the average firm to care for our own staff – because team members who aren’t worried about the little things can achieve the big things.